How to Draw a Person

In this firs video you will learn the fundamentals. The video starts drawing the stick man and continues with the use of circles and lines to draw a person.

The circles are going to represent the head or any part of the body that bends. Circles will be used to represent the shoulders, the upper torso, the hips, the neck , the rip cage, and the knees.

To know how long to make the body you should keep in mind that it should be 7-8 heads. And 3 heads in the torso area. The arms should have the elbows reach the belly.

Here you will learn all the steps involved in drawing a to draw a person 2

You will see that it is easy if you understand the very basics. If you pay attention to all the videos in this page you will end up knowing how to do it.

The most important things are:

  • Maintaining dimensions
  • Studying postions
  • Practicing one hour every day
  • Using the correct materials

In this video you will learn how to add motion and flesh to the body.

In this video you will see how to draw a person that is jumping, running and swimming. The key is to be fluent with your lines.

Don’t get discourage if at first you get very stiff drawings.

The best way to flesh your person is to thing about the muscles and observe real persons. Do not use straight lines when you are drawing the skin.

In this video you will see how to draw the same character at different ages: as a baby, as a teen and as a grown up.

In this last video you will learn how to draw a front view of the face. Everything will start from a basic oval face.

You will have to divide your face in three equal parts. The eyes will be oval shapes. Then you will work on the mouth and the nose. Have a look at the video because it is amazing!

If you want to see detailed info on how to draw a face of person, click here